Michael Fill, Ph.D.                                                                                     November, 2006


Title:               Professor

Address:         Rush University Medical Center,

                        Department of Molecular Biophysics and Physiology

                        1750 West Harrison Street

                        Chicago, IL 60112

Ph.  #:              +1 312 942 6434

Fax #:              +1 312 942 8711

Email:             michael_fill@rush.edu



1978-82                     School of Life Sciences BS                   University of Illinois, Urbana

                        1982-84           Physiology & Biophysics           MS                  University of Illinois, Urbana

                        1984-87           Physiology & Biophysics           PhD                 University of Illinois, Urbana



1987-1989             Postdoctoral Fellow; Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX

1990-1994             Assistant Professor, Dept. Physiology, University of Texas, Galveston, TX

1994-1995             Associate Professor (w/ tenure), Dept. Physiology, University of Texas, Galveston, TX

1995-1998             Associate Professor, Dept. Physiology, Loyola University Chicago, Maywood, IL

1998-2005             Associate Professor (w/ tenure), Loyola University Chicago, Maywood, IL

2005-present    Professor (w/tenure), Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL



USPHS Pre-doctoral Trainee (1984, 1985, 1986, 1987)

MDA & NIH Postdoctoral Fellowships (1988, 1989, 1990)

Sealy Foundation Research Grant (1991-1993; 1 award)

AHA Established Investigator (1994-1999; 1 award as P.I.)

Member, AHA Grant Review Committee (1993-1998)

Member NIH Study Section (Physiology; 1997)

Member NIH Study Section (MDCN-4; 1998-2003)

Invited Speaker, Gordon Research Conference (1991-2003; 7 times)

Session Organizer, Gordon Research Conference (1994)

Awarded Tenure at University of Texas, Galveston TX (1994)

Awarded Tenure at Loyola University Chicago, Maywood IL (1998)

Invited Pathophysiology Lecture, Stanford University (“Malignant Hyperthermia"; 1993)

Invited Speaker, NATO Research Workshop on “Intracellular Ca Signaling”, Il Ciocco, Italy (2000)

Top Science Poster Award, Biophysical Society of Latin American (SOBLA), Alicante, Spain (2000)

Member Advisory Committee, National Lab of Fluorescence Dynamics, Urbana, IL (2001-2002)

Organizer, International Ca Signaling Workshop, Buenos Aries, Argentina (2002)

Invited Speaker, International Symposium on Muscle Ca Signaling, Mexico City, Mexico (2003)

Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Ca Signaling, Marbella, Chile (2003)

Member Parent Committee, NIH SCCOR grant program for Cardiac Dysfunction (2004)







(1)   Current Trainees

                        Yiwie Liu, Neuroscience Graduate Student

                        Jia Qin, Physiology Graduate Student


(2)   Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Josefina Ramos-Franco, MD-PhD          Assistant Professor (tenure track), Rush University

Julio A. Copello, PhD,                            Assistant Professor (tenure track), Illinois State Univ., USA

Sandor Gyorke, PhD                              Professor (w/ tenure), Ohio State University, USA

Rafael Mejia-Alvarez, MD-PhD             Assistant Professor (tenure track), Loyola Univ. Chicago, USA Ariel Escobar, PhD                            Assistant Professor (tenure track), Texas Tech Univ., USA

Patricio Velez, PhD                               Associate Professor (w/ tenure), Univ. Valparaiso, CHILE

Xuande Li, PhD                                   Assistant Professor, University Unknown, CHINA


(3)   Past Predoctoral Fellows

Patricio Velez, PhD                               PhD Completed/Defended now an Associate Professor

Qiang Tu, PhD                                      PhD Completed/Defended now a Programming Executive

Jimena Sierralta, PhD                            PhD Completed/Defended now an Assistant Professor

Jin Lu, PhD                                           PhD. Completed/Defended now a Postdoctoral Fellow

Alois Sonnleitner, PhD                           Visiting PhD Student now a Postdoctoral Fellow

Mary Elena Zhogbi, PhD                       Visiting PhD Student now a Postdoctoral Fellow

                        Leticia Gomez, Ph.D.                            Visiting PhD Student now a Postdoctoral Fellow
                        Carlos Villalba-Galea, Ph.D.                  Visiting PhD Student now a Postdoctoral Fellow

Sean Caenepeel            , MS                             Masters Student now working at Sugen Biotech.Corp.




(1)   Current Funding

                        NIH R01-HL57832, 07/1997 to 11/2011, P.I.: Fill

                                    "Control Mechanisms of Ca-induced Ca Release in Heart"

NIH R01-HL071741, 07/2003 to 07/2007,  P.I.: Ramos-Franco, Co-I.: Fill

            “Local Intracellular Calcium Release in Neonate Heart”


(2)   Pending Grants

                        NIH R01-AR054098, Submitted 10/2006: P.I.: Fill

                                    "Skeletal Muscle Ryanodine Receptor Permeation and Self Counter-Ion Flow "


(3)   Previous Funding

AHA SDG Grant (#0120142N), 01/2001 to 12/2004; P.I.: Copello, Co-I.: Fill

            “Role of Ryanodine Receptor Functional Heterogeneity in EC coupling in Striated Muscle”

MDA RG Grant, 01/2004 to 12/2006, P.I.: Copello, Co-I.: Fill

            “Coordinated Gating of Ryanodine Receptor Channels”   

NIH R01-HL64210, 02/2000 to 01/2005, P.I.: Fill

            "Regulation of Single Calcium Release Channels in Heart"

                        NIH R01-MH53367, 07/1995 to 06/2003, P.I.: Mignery, Co-I: Fill

                                    “Molecular Analysis of InsP3R Structure Function”,

NIH R01-HL58851, 09/1997 to 08/2001, P.I.: Mignery, Co-I: Fill

            “Isoform Specific Function of InsP3R Receptor Channels”,

AHA, National Grant-in-Aid, 01/1999 to 12/2002, P.I.: Mejia-Alvarez, Co-I: Fill                                        “Development of Cardiac E-C Coupling”,

AHA Established Investigatorship, 07/1994 to 06/1999, P.I.: Fill

            "Regulation of SR Ca2+ Release"

MDA, National Grant-in-Aid, 07/1994 to 06/1997, P.I.: Fill

            "Calcium Control of SR Calcium Release"

AHA, National Grant-in-Aid, 07/1994 to 06/1997, P.I.: Fill

            "Calcium Regulation of Cardiac SR Ca2+ Release"

NIH R29-AR41197, 07/1992 to 06/1997, P.I.: Fill

            "Calcium-Dependent Regulation of SR Calcium Release"

NIH R01-NS29640, 04/1992 to 03/1996, P.I.: Christianson, Co-I.: Fill

                                    "Calcium Release Stores in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells"

MDA, National Grant-in-Aid, 01/1992 to 12/1995, P.I.: Fill

            "Regulation of SR Ca2+ Release Channels"

SEALY Foundation Grant, 08/1991 to 07/1993, P.I.: Fill

            "Regulation of Cardiac SR Ca+2 Release Channel"



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