The Section of Cellular Signaling is an environment of academic interaction and shared resources within the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Physiology.  Its program of graduate studies includes core courses, laboratory rotations and participation in ongoing research.  Its current collaborative research involves colleagues in Philadelphia, Chapel Hill, Boston, Baltimore, Montevideo, Padova, Tokyo and Brisbane, who contribute to our graduate and postdoctoral training.

Laboratory of E Rios and J Zhou

Eduardo Ríos    Jingsong Zhou    Jianxun Yi    Monika Sztretye

Leandro Royer    Carlo Manno     Carolina Figueroa

Laboratory of T Shannon 

Tom Shannon     Demetrio Santiago    Jerry Curran    Stephen Shonts

Laboratory of M Fill and J Ramos-Franco

Michael Fill    Josefina Ramos-Franco    Alma Nani    Haiyan Chen

Prof. Fill at large

Laboratory of L Blatter

Lothar Blatter    Elena Dedkova    Aleksey Zima    Timothy Domeier

Andreas Rinne    Vyacheslav Shkryl    Elisa Bovo

Permeation Group

Dirk Gillespie    Bob Eisenberg    Janhavi Giri    Jim Fonseca

Deszo Boda

Shared Imaging Facility

John Tang

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