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Individual Curriculum Vitae is available on-line by clicking the link named [CV].

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Artem Ayuyan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-0582  1207 JS Artem_Ayuyan@rush.edu

Kathrin Banach, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-563-3553  1577a JS Kathrin_Banach@rush.edu

Claudio Berti, Ph.D., Instructor 312-942-6756  1298 JS Claudio_Berti@rush.edu  [CV]

Lothar Blatter, M.D., Dr.med., Professor 312-563-3238  1422 JS Lothar_Blatter@rush.edu  [CV]

Wayne Chen, Ph.D., Professor 312-563-3553  1577 JS Wayne_Chen@rush.edu  [CV]

Vladimir Cherny, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-6752  1245 JS Vladimir_V_Cherny@rush.edu  [CV]

Fred Cohen, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-6753  1223 JS Fredric_Cohen@rush.edu  [CV]

Thomas DeCoursey, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-3267  1245 JS Thomas_DeCoursey@rush.edu  [CV]

Elena Dedkova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-563-3227  1419 JS Elena_Dedkova@rush.edu  [CV]

Jaime DeSantiago, M.D., Ph.D., Instructor 312-563-3218  1316 JS Jaime_DeSantiago@rush.edu

Robert Eisenberg, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman 312-942-6467  1291 JS Bob_Eisenberg@rush.edu  [CV]

Carolina Figueroa, Ph.D., Instructor 312-942-4458  1267 JS Lourdes_Figueroa@rush.edu

Michael Fill, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-6434  1255 JS Michael_Fill@rush.edu  [CV]

Dirk Gillespie, Ph.D., Associate Professor 312-942-3089  1289 JS Dirk_Gillespie@rush.edu  [CV]

Giedrius Kanaporis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-563-6094  1417 JS Giedrius_Kanaporis@rush.edu

Carlo Manno, Ph.D., Instructor 312-942-4464  1271 JS Carlos_Manno@rush.edu

Ruben Markosyan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-7011  1223 JS Ruben_Markosyan@rush.edu  [CV]

Joel Michael, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus 312-942-6426  1273 JS Joel_Michael@rush.edu  [CV]

Deri Morgan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-7829  1245 JS Deri_Morgan@rush.edu

Josefina Ramos-Franco, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-6433  1255 JS Josefina_Ramos-Franco@rush.edu  [CV]

Eduardo Rios, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-2081  1279 JS Eduardo_Rios@rush.edu  [CV]

Thomas Shannon, Ph.D., Associate Professor 312-942-6754  1213 JS Thomas_Shannon@rush.edu  [CV]

John Tang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-8099  1293 JS John_Tang@rush.edu  [CV]

Stefanie Walther, M.D., Dr.med., Instructor 312-563-3242  1420 JS Stefanie_Walther@rush.edu

Yajuan Xiao, Graduate Student 312-942-6454  1215 JS Yajuan_Xiao@rush.edu

KEY: the Department has one formal Section (Cellular Signaling), the other interest groups are informal.

Section of Cellular Signaling


Membrane fusion

Proton and electron currents

Medical education

Signal analysis

Cardiac physiology

Departmental contact information
The core of the department is located on the 12th floor of the Jelke Southcenter (JS) Building, 1750 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60612, U.S.A.
Telephone: 312-942-6454. Fax: 312-942-8711. 

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