Department of Physiology & Biophysics

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Individual Curriculum Vitae is available on-line by clicking the link named [CV].

               Yuriana Aguilar, Ph.D., Instructor 312-942-6008  1229 JS Yuriana_Aguilar@rush.edu  [CV]

               Xun Ai, M.D., Associate Professor 312-563-1128  1255 JS Xun_Ai@rush.edu  [CV]

               Artem Ayuyan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-0582  1207 JS Artem_Ayuyan@rush.edu  [CV]

               Claudio Berti, Ph.D., Instructor 312-942-6756  1298 JS Claudio_Berti@rush.edu  [CV]

               Lothar Blatter, M.D., Dr.med., Professor 312-563-3238  1422 JS Lothar_Blatter@rush.edu  [CV]

               Wayne Chen, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-6008  1229 JS Wayne_Chen@rush.edu  [CV]

               Vladimir Cherny, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-6752  1245 JS Vladimir_V_Cherny@rush.edu  [CV]

               Fred Cohen, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-6753  1223 JS Fredric_Cohen@rush.edu  [CV]

               Thomas DeCoursey, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-3267  1245 JS Thomas_DeCoursey@rush.edu  [CV]

               Jaime DeSantiago, M.D., Ph.D., Instructor 312-563-3218  1316 JS Jaime_DeSantiago@rush.edu  [CV]

               Robert Eisenberg, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-6454  1577 JS Bob_Eisenberg@rush.edu  [CV]

               Carolina Figueroa, Ph.D., Instructor 312-942-4458  1267 JS Lourdes_Figueroa@rush.edu  [CV]

               Michael Fill, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman 312-942-6467  1291 JS Michael_Fill@rush.edu  [CV]

               Dirk Gillespie, Ph.D., Associate Professor 312-942-3089  1289 JS Dirk_Gillespie@rush.edu  [CV]

               Giedrius Kanaporis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-563-6094  1417 JS Giedrius_Kanaporis@rush.edu  [CV]

               Carlo Manno, Ph.D., Instructor 312-942-4464  1271 JS Carlos_Manno@rush.edu  [CV]

               Ruben Markosyan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-7011  1223 JS Ruben_Markosyan@rush.edu  [CV]

               Joel Michael, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus 312-942-6426  1273 JS Joel_Michael@rush.edu  [CV]

               Deri Morgan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-7829  1245 JS Deri_Morgan@rush.edu  [CV]

               Josefina Ramos-Franco, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-6433  1229 JS Josefina_Ramos-Franco@rush.edu  [CV]

               Eduardo Rios, Ph.D., Professor 312-942-2081  1279 JS Eduardo_Rios@rush.edu  [CV]

               Thomas Shannon, Ph.D., Associate Professor 312-942-6754  1213 JS Thomas_Shannon@rush.edu  [CV]

               John Tang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 312-942-8099  1293 JS John_Tang@rush.edu  [CV]

               Yajuan Xiao, Graduate Student 312-942-6454  1215 JS Yajuan_Xiao@rush.edu

               Jiajie Yan, Ph.D., Instructor 312-563-1129  1255 JS Jiajie_Yan@rush.edu  [CV]

               Liying Zhang, M.D., Instructor 312-563-1129  1255 JS Liying_Zhang@rush.edu  [CV]

Departmental contact information
The core of the department is located on the 12th floor of the Jelke Southcenter (JS) Building, 1750 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60612, U.S.A.
Telephone: 312-942-6454. Fax: 312-942-8711. 

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